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2023 Art in the Park

The 46th Annual Art in the Park Show and Sale was again a highly

successful event. Held on June 10th in Norwood Center by the Gazebo,

many talented local and regional artists showed and sold their work

until the rain began. The show was judged by local artist, Diane Panarelli Miller.

Also included in the event were artisan tables with textile, glasswork, pottery, sculpture, jewelry, artwork and wood, along with a kids activity table with a face painter.

Thank you to everyone who helped. See below for all the awards at the event. We look forward to seeing all of you next year for another fun day!


Watering Can - Rob Thompson


1st: Two Country Barn -Maureen Obey 2nd: A Ripple in Time - Ellen Little 3rd: 3 Gulls - Jessica Dunn

HM: Villa in Tuscany - Joanna Perron HM: Wells Harbor - Wendy Neal


1st: Norway Town Hall - Cindy Rudolph 2nd: Stone Steps - Rob Thompson 3rd: Mountain Day Dream - Don Swanson HM: Alice - Roman Dashawetz

HM: A View - Abby Glaser


1st: Cherry on Top - E. Emily McNeil 2nd: Yellow Parrot Tulips - E. Emily McNeil 3rd: Convergence - Meren Kim

HM: Dancing in the Park - Wendy Neal HM: Bean Pot - E. Emily McNeil


1st: Hot Pink! - Fran Downey

2nd: Longfellow Bridge - Andrew Dion 3rd: Lucy Vincote Beach - Dick Foster HM: Long Boat - Paul Russo

HM: Mount Agamenius - Andrew Dion


1st: What We Give - Cindy Rudolph 2nd: Night - Abby Glaser

3rd: Gathering in the Thick - Danene Elise Grillo Powers HM: Clean Up Isn’t Pretty - Danene Elise Grillo Powers HM: Crazy Quilt - Kim

DRAWING (Pen, Pencil, Charcoal, etc.) 1st: Wadsworth Building - Craig Austin 2nd: Sycamore - Craig Austin

3rd: Spider - Craig Austin


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