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Rob Thompson

Rob has been drawing and painting since childhood. Throughout his school years he continued his art education and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Commercial and Fine Arts in 1970.

He continued his love of painting while living in Oklahoma, California, and Massachusetts. He is currently devoting himself to painting on a full-time basis. The influences of the areas where he has lived can be seen in his colorations and designs – the soft shadings of the west coast, the linear designs of the southwest, and the bolder, brighter pigments of the east coast. In his abstract and realistic works, he captures the excitement and emotions the subject brings into his thoughts as he paints. He believes in not just painting what he sees, but what he feels as well.

He is a member of the Norwood Art Association. His works have been shown and sold in galleries, interior design shops, juried exhibitions, and art shows. His works have also been donated to charity auctions, and many of his works purchased and commissioned by private collectors. His current works, paintings, prints and notecards are on display at the Dedham Exchange.

Rob's Gallery

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