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Katie Fogarty

Katie Fogarty is an artist whose use of color, medium and brushstrokes will make your soul come alive with joy. Her abstract expressionist paintings are beautifully unique with a combination of color usage like no other. Visually, it is truly like the “soul awakening”. Painting, drawing and creative crafting have been a part of her life as far back as she can remember, and she is ready to share her wonderful passion with the world. She feels truly blessed to be able to love what she does, perpetually creating and bringing happiness and thoughtful abstract works of art into peoples lives, homes and businesses. Residing in Massachusetts and annual vacations in upstate New York, Katie has the best of what nature can offer to be her muse, from the beautiful coastline of the cape cod beaches, to the Adirondack lakes and mountains, she is completely inspired by her surroundings. Katie can be found spending lots of quality time outdoors with her pups Mac and Coco, constantly looking for the next color palette nature has to offer. Appreciating this beauty is where her ever evolving ideas bloom into multi layered works of breathtaking art

Katie's Gallery

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