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Joan Percy

I am an artist, a colorist and an award-winning painter exhibiting in juried and non-juried shows for over thirty years. Colors call to me and dictate the mood of softness or vibrancy. Light inspires me as the shapes move in and out. My style of painting is loose, free-flowing and nontraditional. The emerging painting dictates to me rather than imposing my will upon it. Colors and muted shapes give the quality of semi-abstraction – there and not quite there. I am greatly influenced by my training as an art therapist and my association with the analysts following Carl Jung’s psychology of dream interpretation. My paintings would reveal my soul’s connection to my inner life – the dream communication with the unconscious, symbols and synchronicity of events that help to direct my life.


Born and raised near Boston, I ventured to California, staying there for 30 years. My college education earned me a B.A. Cum Laude in art and M.A. in art therapy.


Returning to Massachusetts I focused on painting and have won awards such as the Carolyn B. Harvey Memorial Award for Creativity, North River Festival of Arts and I was selected as Artist-In-Residence for the Cape Cod Art Association. I’ve also received awards from many local art associations. 


For thirty-five years I have been an art therapist and artist introducing the spirit of spontaneous art to all ages. I have also been a consultant working with severely handicapped neurologically impaired children at the Carter School, a Boston public school. I have designed and conducted many healing art workshops and classes in art and creativity. For the last 25 years I have taught watercolor classes. My life has been fulfilled by my work in art therapy and as an artist and instructor. For that I am deeply grateful. 

Joan's Gallery

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