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Ellen Little

My creative spirit was nourished as a child during my summers on the beach in Marshfield, MA. Drawing in the sand, creating worlds from found treasures,  and being surrounded by artist friends of my parents, I passed many hours developing a passion for all things ART . After graduating from Newton High, I majored in art history at Wellesley College, graduating in 1968 with renewed inspiration for creating.

      My passion for sharing my values and ideas through art culminated in my thirty-six year career teaching art in Framingham, MA. From 1968 through 2006 professional development led me to MA College of Art, Danforth Museum School and numerous classes and workshops. Those years developed me as an artist with vast exposure to and experiences with many artists, mediums and museums. Giving younger generations their voice through the language of art was rewarding, but teaching and  two children limited my time for creating my own work.

     Since retiring in 2006, I have had the luxury of devoting my time to my painting and to focus on expanding my own artistic voice. My artistic journey expanded in 1964 with classes with James Wilson Rayen and Sigmund Abeles. I have been fortunate since retiring to study with Susan Kelley, Jonathan Leo Fairbanks and Dianne Panarelli Miller.

I am on the board of Norwood Art Association, a founding member and artist exhibitor of the Norwood Fine Artists Gallery. I have also exhibited in various galleries in MA and VT.                                          

     My work resides in many states from California to the east coast and in the UK.

My paintings center around the people, places and things that are important to me. My efforts focus on light and color to take the ordinary things in my life and make them special. I started primarily working in watercolor, ventured into pastel and for the past 15 years almost all  my works are oil paintings. I enjoy both plein air and studio. The journey continues.

Ellen's Gallery

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