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Frannie Downey is a local artist and award winning photographer, and currently the President of the Norwood Art Association. She began taking photos almost 20 years ago when she received her first Nikon camera as a birthday gift and she hasn’t stopped since. She is able to capture the beauty in everyday life, while allowing her photos to speak for themselves with purity, love and the music in her heart. She photographs locally as well as anywhere her travels may take her, and she sees art in every shape and color in her surroundings. Frannie lives in Canton with her awesome son Jim, who has learned patience in the many times his mom has decided to pull over to the side of the road to catch the perfect shot or anything from sunflowers to a sunset, or even a group of waddling ducks.

An “anchor artist” at the Norwood Fine Artists Gallery and Studio at the WinSmith Mill in Norwood, you can find Frannie and her art there at the gallery on the weekends. In addition to her photography, Frannie is also lead singer in a rock band called the Coinz. Originally an 80’s band, the Coinz play an eclectic array of tunes to make everyone happy.

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